Data Recovery - A Profitable and Beneficial Service

Data Recovery - A Profitable and Beneficial Service
Recovering data can be one of the best ways to drive long term profitability via customer loyalty and also short term profits with repairs.  As many have experienced, there is almost no better feeling than when a customer needs precious photos or data from their broken device and you can deliver that for them.  There are several types of data recovery, a few are below with details on how we handle these repairs:

 - Basic Software Recovery: We typically charge $39.99 if we can use some type of software to recover data from a device.  We use old non updated cellebrite machines in rare scenarios of an old flip phone.  Using iTunes or a software called MobileGo (Wondershare) work very well for us with most other smartphones.  In certain scenarios we may also give some basic advice for free to a customer on how to move files via iTunes or via a USB cable and a computer but if they would like us to transfer data for them as a service we are happy to for a small charge.

 - Data Recovery with Temporary Install of Screen/Part: This is our most common data recovery service - for $79.99 we will temporarily install a screen or other standard part to access the customer data needed and transfer to their new device or a flash drive.  Our CSRs and Techs are trained to offer this if it will require a part that we would normally have in stock.  So, as an example if a Galaxy S6 has a broken LCD and this is part we have in stock or would normally want to have in stock we can offer the data recovery service for this price.  Then by temporarily installing the screen we can access the data wanted.  This transaction helps the customer so they don't need to pay $200+ to fix a phone they may not want or need but they still get the data they want for a much lower price.  If a customer brings in a more obscure device such as a Nokia 920, we would have to quote the normal screen replacement price as we would be special ordering the part in for that repair and offer to transfer data for them at no extra charge and they will end up keeping a good potential back up phone also.  Either of these scenarios also make for a good potential device buying opportunity.  We also sell flash drives as a nice accessory add on for these repairs.

 - Advanced Diagnosis or Micro Soldering: Sometimes if a device is not powering on or not functioning enough to pull data further diagnosis is needed.  In this situation we start at $29.99 as a minimum labor charge for spending time diagnosing the problem in depth.  If micro-soldering on the motherboard is required it jumps to $129.99 and can be adjusted appropriately depending on the exact parts and time required to get data off of the device.  Once a tech is experienced enough these can be quite profitable as the parts are very inexpensive.  For more details on this read last month's "Why Micro-Solder" blog post.  

We made the mistake of waiting too long to monetize these repairs appropriately when we first opened our first store nearly 3 years ago.  We also did not invest quickly enough in micro-soldering training and equipment.  A common mistake many repair shop owners make is viewing their training and tools as an expense when in fact they almost always become revenue drivers for your business and are a smart business investment.  We have found that not investing in the right training and tools ends up costing you money in both time and lost revenue and data recovery repairs were a perfect example of this for us initially.  Now that we have figured out a good system for data recovery, we work to market this service in the areas we serve to drive more business and more satisfied customers.  Lastly, it cannot be understated how much joy it can truly bring to both a customer and the technician/business when recovering data that was potentially thought of as lost - it is an incredible aspect of serving in this industry!