Hakko FM-2032 Micro Solder Iron Kit

Hakko FM-2032 Micro Solder Iron Kit

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The FM-2032 micro soldering iron extends precision micro soldering capabilities to a variety of HAKKO soldering and rework systems. The slender, lightweight handpiece has a tip-to-grip distance optimized for operator dexterity under microscopes and magnifiers while preserving the control one expects when working with 0201 components and smaller.

The new T30 Series Composite Micro Tips have geometries engineered for optimal heat transfer and the ability to reach into some of the tightest spots on a board.

For use with the Hakko FX-951, FM-203, and FM-206 soldering systems.

The FM-2032 also features:

â€Â¢ thin, burn resistant iron cord

â€Â¢ quick-change T30 Series tips

â€Â¢ cool running grip even when operating at 450°C for extended periods

â€Â¢ ESD Safe by design

â€Â¢ includes handpiece, iron holder, heat resistant pad and connecting cable

Part Number: FM2032-52 (see specifications for details)

NOTE: Shipped without tips.

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