Hakko FT700-05 Tip Polisher

Hakko FT700-05 Tip Polisher

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A maintenance kit to renew oxidized soldering iron tips!

Great for Lead-Free solder!

When hand soldering with Lead-Free alloys, higher tip temperatures and highly-active fluxes causes oxidation and corrosion, which greatly decreases the life of your soldering iron tip. The Hakko FT-700 tip polisher helps increase the life of your tip by keeping it clean and free from oxidation easily and quickly.

� FAST and EASY way to keep your soldering iron tips clean and free from oxidation

� Two spinning polishing brushes (brushes will not damage tip plating)

� Lead-free chemical paste for immediate tip tinning


Immediately after soldering: 
 insert the tip between the two spinning polishing brushes to clean the tip and remove the oxide, then 
 dip the tip into the FS-100 lead-free chemical paste to re-tin the tip The fine powder Sn is melted immediately.

After applying the Hakko FS-100 to the tip: 
 insert the tip between the spinning brushes of the FT-700 to remove the melted chemical paste, then 
 tin the tip with the solder you are currently using before placing the iron in the holder. [This prevents the flux residue of the FS-100 from the PWB.]

This process will restore new life to your soldering iron tips. Incorporate the procedure above into your soldering routine and you will quickly realize the benefits of maintaining a clean, oxidation-free tip, especially when working with Lead-Free alloys.

Note: The FS-100 chemical paste is included with the FT-700 tip polisher.

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