Piceasoft Device Management Software

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Piceasoft is the most advanced and reliable software we have trialed after trying out many potential solutions.  A couple of key benefits we have found in our repair stores using Piceasoft:

 - Significantly faster and more extensive data transfer and ability to transfer between cross platform on nearly any Android and iOS device
* Saves significant time and also trouble with inconsistent data transfers via alternative options
* In our testing it transferred a full device's data at least 5 times faster than an alternative.

 - Thorough Diagnostic testing abilities - with ability to print/display detailed report for your customers.
* Battery health checks for Android or iOS - easy upsell opportunity for battery at point of sale/check in
* Ability to offer diagnotics as a free or paid service which gives great peace of mind to customers
* Saves warranty repairs that were unnecessary - by being able to show customer that the hardware fully tests as functional
* Saves returns on pre-owned devices we have sold - showing device hardware is fully functional

 - Ability to Verify devices for purchase
* This is particularly helpful for associates that may forget to check all necessary items when making a purchase of a device

If you have any questions about Piceasoft please feel free to email [email protected] - or click to order for Free and we will follow up with you for the free no obligation trial.

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