Premium Phone Repair Start-up Toolkit - For 2 Technicians

Premium Phone Repair Start-up Toolkit - For 2 Technicians

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With many upgraded tools, this kit includes every tool that two technicians need to perform almost any mobile device repair.

 SKU#:Tool Name:Quantity:Price: 
1001 Prime Frame Cradle 1$149.99 
1006Premium SCS Mat 2$89.99 
1004Prime Air System 1$224.99 
1005Premium SCS ESD Straps 2$6.99 
1008High Performance Heat Gun 2$79.99 
1010Heat Gun Attachment2$15.99
1014Prime Clamping Vise 1$159.99 
20022mm Red Tape 2$1.99 
20035mm Red Tape 2$1.99 
3002Branson EC Solution 1$24.99 
300299.9% Alcohol 1$22.99 
3004Prime Ultrasonic Cleaner 1$379.99 
3005Cleaning Brush 2$0.99 
3011Premium Menda Hard Brush1$29.99
3006Alcohol Dispenser 2$4.99 
4001iSesamo 2$5.99 
4002iFlex 2$7.99 
4003Suction Cup 1$3.99 
4005Spudger 10 Pack 1$4.99 
4007Jakemy Exacto Blade2$2.49 
4010Metal Scraper 2$0.99 
4011New Gen. Heating Mat1$89.99
4012Flat Tip Tweezer 2$3.99 
4014Fine Tip Tweezer 2$3.99
7001Wiha Tech Bench Set2$199.99 
8002Magnetizer 1$3.99 
8005Magnetic Project Mat 2$5.99 
8007Safety Glasses 2$6.99 
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