Prime Screen Assembly Extraction Tool (All in One Version)

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Samsung S7 Active:
iPad Pro Screen Extraction:
Surface Pro Screen Extraction:
Clamping Vise Feature with All in One Version:

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The Prime Screen Assembly Extraction Tool will change the way repair professionals approach many repairs.  This universal extraction tool will allow for the successful screen extraction of many devices that are designed in a way that screen extraction was previously very challenging due to the strong adhesive between the screen assembly and the frame.  This works well for many Samsung models as well as several other devices.  Here are just a few of the many applications of this tool:

 - Quickly and safely open numerous phone and tablet screens
 - Replace Samsung Charging Ports with much less risk of damaging screen assembly
 - Save good LCDs to allow for refurbishing or recycling credit
 - Reseal screens using safe clamping method (with All in One version)

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Researched, Designed and Manufactured in US.

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