Prime Tray System

Prime Tray System

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The Prime Tray System helps you keep your device queue organized!

Key Features:

 - Stackable, Perfectly sized Tray that fit most phones and iPads
 - Numbered to easily input in repair ticket POS system for tracking
 - Dry Erase labeled for easy reference while stacked
 - Fitted with soft drawer liner 
 - Keep devices organized from intake to checkout - including open projects (fits all Prime Magnetic Mat)

For larger volume stores, you will want to order 30 or more tray systems together and we will ensure numbering is not duplicated.  At our highest volume store we keep 40 trays on hand total.  If wanting to start with a lower amount, select the amount you would like and if adding to existing system please make sure to let us know so we do not duplicate your tray numbers.

Here is a video showing this system in action:

The interior dimensions are 1 3/8" deep and 7 3/4" wide by 14 1/4" long.  For stacking it is exactly 1 1/2" tall.

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