Standard Phone Repair Start-up Toolkit - For 1 Technician

Standard Phone Repair Start-up Toolkit - For 1 Technician

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This standard kit includes all the tools that a single technician needs to perform nearly any mobile device repair.

 SKU#:Tool Name:Price: 
1001 Prime Frame Cradle $149.99 
1003 SCS Mat $79.99 
1004Prime Air System $224.99 
1005Premium SCS ESD Straps $6.99 
1008Heat Gun $39.99 
1014Prime Clamping Vise $159.99 
20022mm Red Tape $1.99 
20035mm Red Tape $1.99 
3002Branson EC Solution $24.99 
300299.9% Alcohol $22.99 
3004Prime Ultrasonic Cleaner $379.99 
3005Cleaning Brush $0.99 
3006Alcohol Dispenser $4.99 
4001iSesamo $5.99 
4002iFlex $7.99 
4003Suction Cup $3.99 
4005Spudger 10 Pack $4.99 
4008Jakemy Knife $1.99 
4010Metal Scraper $0.99 
4012Flat Tip Tweezer $3.99 
4014Fine Tip Tweezer $3.99 
7007Jakemy 54-bit Driver Set $24.99 
8002Magnetizer $3.99 
8005Magnetic Project Mat $5.99 
8007Safety Glasses $6.99 
 TOTAL VALUE: $1,175.75 

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* If you would like to upgrade or change any items within the same category within this kit, please contact us and we are happy to customize for you.

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