Top 4 Reasons to Keep Your Store Organized

Top 4 Reasons to Keep Your Store Organized

It can be a tedious task to keep a repair store organized.  Keeping a store organized throughout a busy repair work day can be very challenging – particularly without good processes in place to maintain an organized work space.  And please believe there are times you can walk into nearly any repair shop including even some of the most well organized stores and they will look like a toddler just spent the last few hours hopped up on a sugar rush using the tech benches as their playground. 

With all that said, maintaining a relatively neat and organized repair shop – in both front and back areas can have several significant benefits including a more profitable repair store.  Here are the Top 4 benefits to maintain an organized repair shop:

-         Improve Sales in Front of Store: A clean looking and smelling front of store has obvious benefits.  Customers feel they are in a professional setting where they can trust the services and products offered.  Maintaining a good-looking display for accessories and used devices will increase sales.  In our repair stores, for used devices we display clear price tags to show device pricing and details and use display stands to present them more professionally. We try to maintain a clutter free counter space and keep all accessories displayed in consistent columns and rows for a more visually appealing display.  We work to maintain a cleanly mopped hardwood floor or vacuumed carpeting.  We also like to use plug in air fresheners to ensure a pleasant smell in our retail stores.


-        Long Term Revenue Gains via Professional Appearance: A well-run system for keeping customer devices in specific places and in a specific order is essential for any repair shop.  Nothing sounds worse to a customer than, “Give me a few minutes to find your device” … “What, you’re supposed to be fixing my device and you can’t even find it?!?”  If devices are always in a specific place depending on their status and they are fast to locate and identify it presents a good feeling of security and professionalism when customers call in over the phone or come in person for updates or to pick up their precious device.


-        Minimize part cost loss: A tech bench that is consistently scattered with devices, parts, supplies and other items breeds several problems.  First, it creates inefficiencies in work flow and we all know time is money.  Second, it can create an environment that allows for disorder and potentially losing or misplacing key parts while devices are disassembled.  We have all probably experienced an seen ear speaker or other component just disappear into thin air on an unorganized work bench.  Lastly, parts such as expensive screen assemblies are more likely to be broken accidently within an unorganized tech bench.  Simply put, keeping an organized work space saves money on misplaced or broken parts.


-        Improved Employee Performance: An organized and well run shop often yields better employee performance.  If there is a process and an order to the way things are run, employees can thrive within that system and challenge themselves to take on additional responsibilities rather than just trying to keep up with the chaos of their existing job responsibilities.  If there is a lack of organizational control with tools and expectations of maintaining an organized shop, long term results will suffer.


There are many challenges to running a successful small business, and many of these challenges require significant planning and effort to achieve success.  Luckily, with the right tools and processes in place, keeping a neat and organized repair store is a relatively easy task to accomplish in comparison to many other demands on a small business owner.  Yet, many shop owners don’t feel it is important enough of a detail to worry about – hopefully a few of these highlighted benefits may spark a desire to keep an organized work space.  

Check out this page for several tools to help get your shop organized: