Why Micro-Solder?

Why Micro-Solder?
It seems only a few years ago, there were not many people really specializing or even offering micro soldering repair services on mobile devices.  Thanks to the market demanding it and vocal specialists such as Jessa Jones, Jason Gan, Johnny Lee and Dave Takushi to name just a few that are offering their expertise and advice, more repair technicians and repair shop owners around the country are learning the significant advantages of micro-soldering.  Below are some reasons people may not be jumping in followed by reasons why they should:

We don't see the need to micro-solder or offer these services.
As more and more repair shops open, the need to differentiate competitively is critical to long term business success and growth.  Also, as more solutions such as insurance companies offering repair options locally are developed it increases the need to service customers in a way that can offer resolutions to their problems such as data recovery that a simple screen or battery swap will not resolve.  Additionally, no matter how experienced or talented a technician may be, we have all run into repairs that go bad and often times micro-soldering at the board level is the only way to resolve a repair gone bad.  Controlling your own customer experience has significant value for your reputation and your long term bottom line revenue.  

We don't have the knowledge or ability.
First, this is just an excuse of not making it a priority.  Gaining knowledge in our informational age should never be a problem.  Through the generous offerings of knowledge of some of the people listed above among many others through all sorts of formats - Google, YouTube, Facebook Groups and Live videos much can be learned about micro-soldering.  And while ability will only come with practice and gaining experience, you can significantly shorten this learning curve by investing in a board level soldering course - iPad Rehab (http://mendonipadrehab.com/practical-board-repair-school) and Device Pro Solutions (http://deviceprosolutions.com/micro-soldering-board-repair-training-14.html) are a couple reputable sources for these training courses that not only provide in person training but awesome support after the training course to ensure you continue to grow your knowledge and abilities after the course.

We can't make the financial investment.
Being repair shop owners, we completely understand the pressures and challenges of cash flow and making investments in your business.  As a tools company, we design and offer tools that we know will ultimately make you money by avoiding bad repairs or saving you or your technicians time within repairs that ultimately yield better profitability.  To get started you can invest in micro-soldering start up kits as low as $549.99 (http://www.primetechtools.com/Standard-Micro-Soldering-Start-Up-Kit-_p_196.html) but it is understood to get quality tools including the microscope, hot air stations and everything needed it may end up being between $1000 to $3000 depending on your preferences and needs.  If you include a training course you may have an approximate total of $4000 invested in the training and tools needed to micro-solder successfully.  At that amount all you will need is about 30-40 repairs before you break even and start profiting at a high margin moving forward, not to mention the value of differentiation and specialty you now have competitively.